• Étienne Robichaud

The reinvented towel

ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Mariver inventor Étienne Robichaud does it again, with the creation of a new Outdoor towel absorbent on one side and waterproof on the other.

By depositing the waterproof side on the ground, the beach towel remains clean and dry, because the sand does not stick. As for the absorbent fabric, it is made of suede microfiber, which is light, smooth and resistant.

President of Inventions Archimhead adds that it's great for picnics or sunbathing.

It also has four pockets with velcros to insert objects or sand to increase the stability of the towel during winds. It therefore becomes easier to deploy on the ground. Everything comes in a transport bag made of the same materials.

You can get the Archimhead Outdoor towel at www.archimhead.com or at the Christmas Market of the Galeries de la Chaudière in Sainte-Marie, this December 8 and 9.

 The Archimhead Outdoor towel can be personalized for shops and businesses.

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